TNC Equine Center

TNC Equine Center provides a wonderful lesson program at our Dillsburg
Facility.  We specialize in providing you with a safe and educational experience
while learning the appropriate riding skills in the English discipline that is
centered around our client's goals.  A rider in our program may choose to ride
a horse of their own or one of our program horses.  Beginner horses in our
program are known for their quiet dispositions to help our beginner riders build
confidence and learn the basics of riding.  As the rider becomes more
comfortable with the basics of riding, they will move to the more advanced
horses in our program.  These horses will challenge the rider and will take them
beyond the basics.
Why Riding Lessons?

Riding lessons give a child self-esteem and focus. Working with horses
provides a healthy outlet for kids in today's world.  Many parents say what an
important role horses have played in their children's lives.  Generally parents
do not appreciate the role of horses until the child enters the turbulent
adolescent years.  It is often too late at this point to get them started with
horses.  We advise parents to nurture their young child's interest.  Horses will
then provide a stabilizing influence for them when they enter their more
difficult years.  Do not lose sight of the fact that the skills that a child learns
can be quickly applied to other life challenges as well and will stay with the
child throughout his/her entire life.  Always reinforce those activities that will
make your child feel competent and unique.  What can be more
confidence-building than to be in control of a large, strong, potentially fast
animal?  TNC Equine Center provides your child with this opportunity in a
maximally-safe, supportive environment.
Lesson Prices
60-minutes - our horse          $45        
30-minutes - age 3-5             $30
Our Riding Instructor:

Megan McGrath is a horseback-riding instructor that specializes in therapeutic riding lessons. She has experience teaching a wide
range of students from first time beginners to advanced riders, in addition to working with riders who have various disabilities. Her
riding background is focused English style, specifically Hunt Seat, however she has been exposed to the basics of Western
Pleasure/Gaming. Megan graduated from Wilson College with a bachelor’s degree in Equine-Facilitated Therapeutics and Equine
Studies (concentration in both Equine Management and Equestrian Management), as well as a minor in Business Administration. She
is also certified with Pennsylvania Council on Therapeutic Horsemanship (PACTH), and CPR & First Aid. Throughout school she was
part of many teams including Drill (captain for 2 years), Hunt Seat, and Dressage, while also volunteering on and off with a therapeutic
barn near her home. Recently, Megan had the opportunity to work with Hooves and Paws Stable through their summer camps,
teaching weekly lessons, and starting a Drill Team. Currently, she is excited to be working with TNC Equine Center to help build their
lesson program and eager to add a therapeutic component in the future, to enhance the diversity and success of the stable!

Working Student Program

TNC Equine Center offers a working student program for both students interested in riding and learning how to do barn chores.  These
programs are open to our lesson students.  Ask for more information!

Barn Buddies Program

Join our new program Barn Buddies at TNC Equine Center! This gives kids the chance to hang around the barn with other barn
buddies to learn the ins and outs of the barn life. Activities include: barn chores, grooming, tacking, bathing, learning horse behavior,
ground work, games, light riding, and more! This program is designed for a group setting, held each week on Saturdays starting at 10
am or Thursdays at 11am for an hour-long session. Barn Buddies will allow kids to learn more about horses for families on a budget!
Please contact us for more information or to sign up.  $25 for the hour.

Adult Barn Buddies Program

We had many adults asking if they could join the barn buddies program so we are offering a barn buddies program for adults on
Saturdays at 11am.  This will be similar to our regular barn buddies program but geared towards adults.