TNC Equine Center

TNC Equine Center provides a wonderful lesson program at our Dillsburg
Facility.  We specialize in providing you with a safe and educational experience
while learning the appropriate riding skills in both English and Western
disciplines that are centered around our client's goals.  A rider in our program
may choose to ride a horse of their own or one of our program horses.  
Beginner horses in our program are known for their quiet dispositions to help
our beginner riders build confidence and learn the basics of riding.  As the rider
becomes more comfortable with the basics of riding, they will move to the more
advanced horses in our program.  These horses will challenge the rider and will
take them beyond the basics.
Why Riding Lessons?

Riding lessons give a child self-esteem and focus. Working with horses
provides a healthy outlet for kids in today's world.  Many parents say what an
important role horses have played in their children's lives.  Generally parents
do not appreciate the role of horses until the child enters the turbulent
adolescent years.  It is often too late at this point to get them started with
horses.  We advise parents to nurture their young child's interest.  Horses will
then provide a stabilizing influence for them when they enter their more
difficult years.  Do not lose sight of the fact that the skills that a child learns
can be quickly applied to other life challenges as well and will stay with the
child throughout his/her entire life.  Always reinforce those activities that will
make your child feel competent and unique.  What can be more
confidence-building than to be in control of a large, strong, potentially fast
animal?  TNC Equine Center provides your child with this opportunity in a
maximally-safe, supportive environment.
In the spring of 2006 Josh enrolled in farrier school at the renowned Kentucky
Horseshoeing School and started his own business as a farrier after returning

In addition he obtained his license as an exercise rider and rode at major
racetracks in the Maryland area until he sustained a fall in the summer of
2007.  After the fall Josh needed to rebuild his confidence as rider and began
to focus on teaching young riders.  He started coaching at the barn that he was
currently riding for and continued studying dressage.

While working as a farrier Josh was introduced to an Oldenburg who proved to
be to much horse for his owner.  Josh was hired to re-school the horse and a
bond was instantly formed.  Josh eventually purchased the horse and returned
to the jumper arena for what appeared to be another successful run.
Unfortunately, the horse developed a tumor and Josh decide to retire the horse
and return him to his previous owner who was still very much in love with the
horse.  Where he currently resides today.

In the fall of 2015 Josh found himself for the first time in sixteen years without a
horse so the search was on.  Josh was contacted by a Grand Prix rider who
was selling a two year old Hanoverian filly, the horse was vetted and the
purchase was finalized.

Josh feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some of the
equine industries finest professionals.  Early on in Josh’s riding career he was
determined to learn from every encounter.  Based on his diverse background
Josh has created his own training methods for both horse and rider.  He uses
his experiences in dressage, equitation, hunter and jumpers to build well
rounded and defined riders and horses.  Josh feels to be successful in any
riding discipline the rider must use every part of their body while making it look
Melinda Propps is also available to come to TNC Equine Center to provided gaited riding lessons to any boarder who has a gaited
horse.  She can help you if you are experiencing problems such as pace or are just uncertain exactly what your horse is doing
underneath you.  Many people purchase a gaited horse but are disappointed when their horse doesn't perform the smooth gait they
desire.   Melinda has experience training, showing and trail riding gaited horses as well as teaching the rider how to achieve and
maintain gait.  Her passion is to train the gaited horse using the principles of Dressage and developing the gait without force or the
use of long shanked bits. For the past 4 years, she's ridden at the Pa Horse World Expo to demonstrate the Rocky Mountain Horse
breed.  Inquire for more information and pricing for gaited riding lessons.
Lesson Prices
60-minutes - our horse          $45        
60-minutes - your horse        $40
30-minutes - age 3-5             $30

Discounts offered for those who pay
the month in advance!
Our Lesson Instructor

Josh Spencer was first introduced to horses at the age of 13 when he began riding at a local show barn.  
He immediately began to excel and within a few short months found himself in his first show.  Josh fell in
love with the sport and quickly formed a bond with one of the barn’s more difficult horses to ride, Worthy.  
Eventually, Worthy was sent to auction but after falling in the trailer on the way to the auction house the
horse was placed in the slaughter pen.  Witnessing this, Josh and his mother went to the auction house
and purchased the horse.  Over the next few years and, with help of the right trainer, Worthy of Applause
and Josh began to compete in the open jumper division wining multiple championships.

Josh then rescued an unsuccessful racehorse from the track.  The horse had suffer abuse for his lack of
wins and could hardly walk to the trailer secondary to injuries due to neglect.  This horse was young and
fearful.  After months of Josh working with him the horse was able to overcome his fears and the two
became a dominating combo in the hunter arena.  Josh also discovered the horse had an affinity for
dressage and under the instruction of an accomplished coach, who had studied rider bio mechanics and
dressage in England, developed an understanding of the importance of dressage in every discipline of

During this time Worthy developed medical issues which forced him into retirement.  Josh was then
presented with the opportunity to go to Florida and ride up and coming Grand Prix horses for an
established and successful competitor in the Grand Prix arena.
Working Student Program

TNC Equine Center is looking for a working student/Intern. This is not a paid position but rather a trading services type of position.
Work includes feeding horses, cleaning stalls, cleaning buckets/water troughs, putting hay out, sweeping, helping with younger lesson
students, and other barn related chores. In return, a working student/Intern gets to not only learn what has taken Josh years to learn
but also an extended amount of time in the saddle. Josh learned a lot working in a program just like this when he was growing up. This
is a great opportunity for a student to learn and grow in the horse industry. This experience is invaluable for someone looking to
progress in riding. You will learn true horsemanship which will lead to being a better rider, person, educator, and horse owner!  In order
to be considered for the working student/intern position, you will be required to pay for one lesson a week. This lesson goes to cover
the costs associated with the program. Other lessons and ride time will be free based on the hours the student is available to work and
the experience level of the student which will be negotiated on a case by case basis. So what are we looking for? We are looking for a
student who is passionate about horses and riding. A hard worker who can follow directions. A student who has a real interest in a
future in the horse industry not necessarily as a career but who wants this to be a part of their life for years to come. We are looking
for a student who is interested in showing, because if we are going to give you all of the knowledge and spend the time with you, we’d
like to see you put it to good use. You must be able to currently w,t,c. Working hours and lesson/riding hours to be negotiated based
on experience and individual situation. Come join the TNC team as we work towards building our show teams for 2018. Beginner –
Advanced. Organizing a local show team and a travel team for rated shows in 2018! Join us now and be ready for 2018 show season!