TNC Equine Center
Horse Leases

Check our sales page for horses for sale that may also be for lease.  Sometimes we have horses for
lease that are not posted on the website.  Please contact us for any available leases we may have.  
We currently have several horses available for lease.
Half Leases are $300 per month and you are NOT responsible for any other fees such as farrier,
dentist, vet, etc.  This is a flat fee for 3 days of riding per week.

We do customized leasing so if you are looking for a special situation based on number of riding days
per week or other financial situations, we will work with you to find a suitable/affordable lease for your
needs.  Price based on lease terms.

We are very flexible with our leases and often times we offer extra riding time to our leasers when we
have extra horses that need ridden, which is rather often.