TNC Equine Center
Horse Consignment

Do you have a horse that you need to sell but you don’t
have the time to advertise or you just need to sell them fast
for the space? We can help you sell your horse. We are
dedicated to finding good homes for your equine friend. We
have different options available to help you sell your horse.

Just want to sell your horse fast. Let us know and we will
make an offer and purchase your horse outright. We then
bring it home, keep it in shape and take care of it until we
can find it a good home. We have placed many healthy, well
trained, auction bound horses in loving homes. Don't take
your horse to auction. Call us.

You can also bring your horse to our facility to board it. We
will take care of all of the advertising, showing of the horse,
and answering inquiries. You just sit back and let us handle
everything. TNC Equine Center will get a portion of the final
sale price of the horse plus a discounted boarding rate of
$250 per month.

We've got a great history of getting horses sold in less than
30 days and matching them up with the perfect owner.  
We've sold several the first day they have been at the barn
and many within two weeks.  If you can't sell your horse, we
can do it for you!