TNC Equine Center
Camp is designed, not just to keep your child busy, but to help
  • become more responsible
  • grow in self-esteem
  • develop work and social skills that will prepare him/her to
    responsible employee and supervisor one day

Add to that:
  • an environment where both adults and other children
    really care about the success of your child
  • an opportunity to learn more about animals and nature.
We offer a variety of camps that will include many different activities. The
following are just a few of the activities that could take place at TNC Equine will
learn about horse safety and general horse knowledge: horse colors, parts of
the horse, parts of the tack, and horse breeds.  They will learn about horse and
basic horse training. Additional activities include things such as games,
activities, crafts, hiking, nature activities, etc. Most camps offer each child the
equivalent of one group riding lesson per day or longer, depending on the type
of camp.
Horse Camp may be the perfect opportunity for your child.  The purpose of Horse Camp is to teach
children about the responsibilities of horse care.  Many children aspire to own horses without an
understanding of their potential commitment.  Horses thus are often discarded when the owner tires
of the responsibility.  TNC Equine Center strives to teach compassion, communication and
commitment -- for the animal, for one’s fellow humans and for the natural environment.