TNC Equine Center
Birthday Parties and Pony Rides

TNC Equine Center parties are a great
addition to birthday parties, school parties,
open houses, business and corporate
events, carnivals, fund raisers, fall
festivals, theme parties, and company
parties. In comparison with other types of
entertainment, pony parties are a good
value and a unique way to entertain your
guests. Our sweet-natured and
well-groomed ponies will bring smiles to
the faces of the children at your party.
Pony rides at your event will provide the
children with memories of happiness and
enjoyment, laughter and fun.
We have medium and large ponies that can accommodate riders who weigh up to 85-100 pounds. Appropriate ages are 1-13
years. Young children may need an adult or parent to walk alongside them. Each pony can give about 30 rides per hour.
Each ride is 1-2 minutes in length, depending on the number of children at the event.

In planning your event, the best idea is to have the pony rides begin 30 minutes to 1 hour after start of the event to insure
that everyone has arrived to take advantage of the pony rides. We are flexible and can adapt to any situation. Pony rides can
be done in a backyard, long driveway, sidewalk, cul de sac, dead-end street, field, park, schoolyard, etc. We can suggest the
best place for the most enjoyable pony rides for the children. We are sure you will appreciate our friendly, prompt, reliable
and dependable service. Our safe and gentle ponies are led by competent, attentive and concerned leaders.

Release Forms must be signed by parents of all children participating in the pony rides. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Pony Rides on property are offered at a rate of $20 for 30 minutes.

The Mini-Birthday Bash:
One pony for one hour, perfect for small backyard birthday parties.

The Birthday Bash:
Two ponies for one hour, perfect for the average birthday party

The Mega Birthday Bash:
Two ponies for two hours

Additional hours over two hours are charged at the rate of $125 per hour.

Additional ponies over two are charged at the rate of $50 per pony.

*Prices are based on the location of the party being within 25 miles of TNC Equine Center. Additional miles will be charged at
a rate of $0.75 per mile.

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is due at the time you book the pony party.

We come out rain or shine - it's hard to tell a child they're party is off just because of rain! In light rain we bring umbrellas and
still do rides as long as you provide a dry place for the kids to wait.

We can also do pony parties in our indoor riding facility and you can bring the kids to us.  Pricing will be the same as above
with a $50 additional fee to use our facility for two hours.  We are flexible and can work with you on other package options
that fit your needs.